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Christianity without Mythology

Not Your Typical Bunch of Christians: Biblical Christianity Versus Orthodox Tradition

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I found it very difficult to strip the un-Biblical doctrines away from the Christianity that I had been taught. It was disorienting. It did not feel right. But I guess that feelings aren't a good basis for understanding, since my previous beliefs do not feel right now. I hope and pray that you will earnestly seek God's truth. It might feel comfortable to rely of the "traditions of our fathers", but Jesus said that this was a poor choice. Look in the Bible and look for confirmation in the writings of the Early Church Fathers (link to these writings below). I fear that the information presented here is inadequate to give a person a fair chance at finding the truth...I apologize. In the future I will attempt to expand on this information--more along the lines of the format by which I arrived at my understanding. Please bolster what I've written by checking all the links on this page for additional information. I was fortunate to be guided initially by two books (The Making of a Tradition, by Mark M. Mattison, and The Doctrine of the Trinity, Christianity's Self-Inflicted Wound, by Anthony F. Buzzard and Charles F. Hunting--look for the links to Mattison and Buzzard on this page). Additional helpful resources were a Greek and Hebrew interlinear Bible, lexicons, a Trinitarian systematic theology text, and access to an Early Church Writings website (linked below). May God bless you in your search for His truth.

Biblical Truth:

Were these Traditional doctrines handed down by the Apostles outside the Bible?

God doesn't torture unbelievers in Hell for all eternity. 

God doesn't cause evil in the World.

Each event in our lives is not pre-determined by God

Christians are not manipulated like puppets through possession by the Holy Spirit.  

Where did the Trinitarian doctrine come from? Is it apparent from the Biblical text?

The Bible testifies to a single God as a single person:

Jesus is a man--the Messiah of the Old Testament--not God.

Did the Apostles mean to be ambiguous and vague?

Where did these doctrines come from if not from the text of the Bible?

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